Physician Job Review

The idea for Physician Job Review came to me during my first job after completing residency.  Prior to signing with that organization, I found it difficult to get candid feedback from current employees and only learned of disappointments with the company over the course of the first year.  

In my search for opportunities elsewhere, I at least had the forethought to do a robust online review of potential employers, but was again at a loss for sufficient reviews from the health providers’ perspective. There is, of course, an abundance of feedback from administrative and ancillary staff but this doesn’t quite translate into the types of qualities a health practitioner is looking for in a potential employer.  

Physician Job Review is a space for health professionals to provide honest and open feedback about their work environment to help guide one another to the right job.  Your opinion matters and sharing your valuable experiences can shape the landscape of workplace satisfaction for practitioners like you.

Get the scoop from providers like you and find your Best You job!

Founder and CEO